Monday, December 27, 2010

My little Watermelon

Growing Watermelon lately, on my tiny balcony patch about 18" x 60"...

budding on 04/12/2010 :

see how it grows on 24/12/2010 :



Three & Four...

A Baby melon & Five...

We are soooo happy to see these melons, counting & looking at their sizes everyday...

Hope to savour one of these tiny lil. watermelon, btw, it's a
yellow & crunchy watermelon...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2009 FOOD


Laksa Kampung :



Brinjal / Egg Plant

Kunyit Ayam :

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Ingredients :

A closer look at all the ingredients :

Washed Dried Shrimps;

It's really quite big, isn't it ?

Glutinous Rice + a little Dark soy sauce ;

Yummy Dried Oyster ;

Soaked Mushrooms ;

Cubed Pork ;

Dried Chestnuts - to bring out a little sweetness ;

Most Important / A Must - 'Ham Dan' Salted Egg Yolk ;

Cooked Black-eyed beans ;

Last year, we added sliced abalone; but it taste not as good...

Bamboo leaves ;

Twist 2 pieces of bamboo leaves to make a loop, put in some rice & each ingredients. Scoop in some rice on top, close the upper top leaf, wrap it tightly...

All in & ready to wrap...

Boil it in big pot for about 2 hrs...

And enjoy...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cheese cake again?

Baked a cheese cake again on 19th 9.30p.m. since CNY 2009.
This time with a little help from my 2 girls, it took lesser time than i expected. They helped me to line the baking pan, crumb the biscuits, melting the butter, mixing the butter to the biscuit crumbs & making the cheese cake base.
And even as my photographer too... All these shots were taken by them.

This is the blended 500gm cream cheese + 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla & 2 eggs added one by one. Poured on the biscuit crumb base + melted butter. Very simple recipe with no flour or baking powder/soda... Not too sweet as well to suit my diabetic mother-in-law... The original recipe used 3/4 cup sugar.

As I was too lazy to melt the chocolate, I'd just cut a few stripes of chocolate on it.

Ta.. da... task completed after baking for 45 mins. Itz a nice one with no cracks on it, normally it'll crack on top (i do not know why, anyone know?)

Golden brown Cheese cake... Delicious

All finished the next day, even my hubby who dislike cheese tried some... maybe this cream cheese suits his taste-bud... Taste not too cheezy... I only managed to get a piece, all gone when I came back from work searching for it in the frige... Promised myself to make again...